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Barbados is looking to leverage its historical ties with the people of Charleston, South Carolina, as it seeks to deepen relations.

Acting Prime Minister, Santia Bradshaw, expressed this at a reception at Llaro Court on Thursday, where a delegation led by the Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina, John J Tecklenburg, was welcomed to the island.

“Today, we continue to look towards the future, leveraging our shared heritage as a springboard for exploration into the myriad opportunities for collaboration that exists between us. Your very presence here… heralds a future of ever-strengthening ties between us.

“Barbados looks forward to broadening the scope of that relationship with Charleston beyond mere cultural heritage because there is so much more; cultural heritage is very powerful, but we believe that we can also expand into unexplored areas of mutual interests,” Bradshaw stated.

The acting Prime Minister expressed the hope that the visit would not only open the door for continued cooperation in the area of culture but also in tourism, sustainable development, global life sciences, technology and education.

Mayor Tecklenburg, in his remarks, emphasised that he, along with the delegation was “excited to be in Barbados and it feels like we’ve come back from whence we came”. He noted that the city of Charleston was founded by Barbadians, and as a result had a lot in common, notably food, culture and architecture.

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