About Us

About Us

Information about the organization, our mission and charter

Our Mission + Charter

At Barbados Ventures, our mission is to build and develop business ties between Charleston and Barbados. Barbados Ventures was inspired by the Barbados Carolinas Legacy Foundation which has been instrumental in promoting the historical, cultural, and economic connections between the two regions.

The BV Team

  1. Rhoda Green
    Founder, BCLF
  2. Dwayne Green

Our History

Rhoda Green, has spent the last 30 years working on behalf of the Barbados government, most of those as Honorary Consul to Barbados for the State of South Carolina. In that role, she developed extensive ties to the General Consulate for the Island of Barbados and helped foster a sister city relationship between Charleston and Speightstown.

After seeing the potential and possibilities to promote further trade to the benefit of both Barbados and Charleston, The Foundation organized the recent Barbados Comes To Charleston event (April, 2023). Several members of the Barbados trade delegation visited Charleston for a series of meetings and receptions, which set the stage for the creation of Barbados Ventures.

  • The trip for me was a spiritual and mind-searching mission. I’ve been to West Africa and other different places. But I never felt the spirit of connection of being at home like I felt in Barbados. When I looked in people’s eyes, and they looked back in mine, the mutuality of our spirits saw a relative, a cousin, a descendent. This seemed to be the case everywhere we went.

    Alphonso Brown
    Barbados Delegate (October 2022), Gullah Tours

Our Commitment

We are committed to developing and promoting new business relationships between Charleston and Barbados. Through our events, programs, and initiatives, we aim to connect business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors from both regions, fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth.

With our deep understanding of the historical and cultural ties that bind us, and our focus on the future of business and trade, we are confident that Barbados Ventures will play a critical role in contributing to the economic landscape of both regions for years to come.

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